February 16, 2014 @ Repair Revolution
with Jordan O' Jordan

2012 Tour: "If Music was a Barroom Brawl"

May 23rd- San Francisco @ El Rio
with DaveEnd
May 24th - Reno, NV @ The 5 Star Saloon
May 26th- Portland, OR @ Mississippi Pizza
May 30th- Seattle, WA @ The Funny Button
with Ropin' The Wind
May 31st- Twisp, WA @ The Snohomish County Dance Hall

February 4, 2012 @ Hanks Saloon
 with Juan & The Pines

December 17, 2011 @ Ten10 Studios
"When Someone Wants To Leave As Bad As You Want Them To Stay"
Featuring Penny Lou Chrystler 

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